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The 'Rona Roundup Book: Hilarious Nonsense from Remote Learning

The 'Rona Roundup Book: Hilarious Nonsense from Remote Learning

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From the jaded teacher brain that brought you the bestselling Teacher Misery books, The 'Rona Roundup Book is full of hilarious and shocking images sent in by teachers all over the U.S. during remote learning.

From the strange excuses that kids of all ages tried to use to get out of doing schoolwork, to the shockingly offensive parent emails, to the hilariously awful work that students produced, to the strange comments students made in the class chat, this book will leave you roaring with laughter and shaking your head in disbelief.

A perfect gift for teachers of any age or parents who had to help their kids during the nightmare of remote learning, this book also serves as a historical artifact of sorts, documenting the deteriorating state of public education during a global pandemic.

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